Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let's start again from the top!

Last night, I got to babysit for my cousin's two sweet little girls. The younger one has just turned 3, and the older one's age, I regret to say, I am not sure of. She must be around 5 or 6, if I had to guess. After putting the younger to bed and grabbing the elder's scheduled before-bedtime snack (I thought it would keep her up, but it doesn't... more like it knocks her out), we headed upstairs to read the 3 designated bedtime books. One of them was this:

What a good book! I learned my lesson. Between the incredible illustrations lies a sweet and well-thought out 'moral of the story'. Even I was unsure of how the ending would transpire. Then again, I'm among the easiest to surprise with storyline endings. If you haven't read the book, basically both of these pigs are invited to visit with God. One pig lives 'perfectly' and judges others, and the other thinks he is bad at everything and is always kinda blue. God's message to both is that he loves them very much and to the perfect pig, God says "stop judging!" I actually feel like both applied to me, which might be what the author had in mind. A little of both these alter-egos probably lie in all of us.

In recent months, I have also had a heightened interest in all things related to illustrations and, I guess, "commercial" art. I just put in my two weeks' notice at work due to differences of opinion on how the business should be run. Not that I have any authority in that aspect, but tasks were being required of me that I felt were outside my ethics and character. To avoid animosity, a few of us decided to exit gracefully while the gettin' was still good. So, here I am, with the opportunity figure out what to do with my life again. Maybe I'm just addicted to that feeling of standing before an open door with possibilities stretching before me. I have felt that often throughout life, and this is evident in my resume, which boasts a wide-range of occupations. I also think I've been avoiding the 'gifts' God has given me as well. It's probably time to embrace those, I guess! Hey, Jesus started his ministry when he was 30, too! Works for me! So, new blog spot for a new season. My resolve is to continue updating this blog, despite my sometimes questionable writing skills. Eh, that's ok. I have great blogger friends to learn from!

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